Plenty of parking at all our campuses

Our properties have contract parking spaces in parking halls, in the grounds, and in a garage. Customer spots are located in the grounds near the main entrances.

Visitor parking is located in the grounds of our campuses and visitor places are marked with traffic signs. At Microkatu and Viestikatu, visitor parking is charged and you can purchase a ticket at our ticket vending machine or from our reception service. You can also use the Easypark or ParkMan applications.

At Microkatu and Viestikatu, we offer 15 minutes free parking for short visits. In this case, the ticket should also be taken from the automat (no charge, press green button) and the ticket must be placed in a visible place on the inside of the windscreen.

At Toivala, Lentokapteeni customer parking is free of charge.

See instructions for parking and getting to Microkatu and Viestikatu.

Nainen laittamassa sähköautoa lataukseen parkkihallissa.

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