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It’s easy to arrive at work when all the services you need are ready, and leaving work is worry-free. We have you covered with helpful, ready-made services that take care of everything from daily operational needs to any unexpected situations that may arise.

We can even tailor our services to meet your specific needs. You should also consider the services provided by our partners to make things run even smoother.

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Campus Services

Our versatile campus services make everyday working life easier for our customers.

  • Reception Service
  • Access Control and Key Management
  • Property Signage
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Reception service

Cleaning Service

Our cleaning services are responsible for the cleanliness of our properties, both public and customer premises.

In addition to regular cleaning, we also provide additional cleaning services to suit your needs.

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Viherkasveja toimiston pöydällä.

Property Maintenance and Security Services

The maintenance and security services of our properties ensure functional and comfortable spaces and outdoor areas for our customers and increase the security of our properties.

  • Property Maintenance
  • Security and Camera Surveillance
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Tumma hahmo kävelee parkkihallissa.

Community Services

Our versatile campus services make everyday working life easier for our customers. You can find out more about our services below.

  • CoWork
  • Sisärinki Services
  • Visibility Services
  • Events and Networking
  • Partner Services
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Our properties have contract parking spaces in parking houses, in the grounds, and in a garage.

Customer spots are located in  parking houses and in the grounds near the main entrances.

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Restaurant Services

Our campuses have a total of eight different restaurants.

The restaurants serve as versatile lunch restaurants, while also catering for our meeting rooms and customers in their own premises.

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Meetings Services

Our meeting services offer a wide range of meeting rooms of different sizes from a meeting room for four people to a seminar room taking up to 100 people.

In connection with meetings we serve delicious meeting servings on all three campuses: At Microkatu and Viestikatu in Savilahti, and at Lentokapteeni in Siilinjärvi.

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Our other services

We also offer the following services:

  • Furniture Service
  • Internet Connections
  • Handyman Service
  • Data Security Service
  • Replacement Mats
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