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Our coworking spaces provide companies with inspiring work, meeting and event space in Savilahti, Kuopio. They serve as teleworking facilities, as a flexible extension to the company’s own business premises, and as a state-of-the-art networking and meeting places.

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Changing workstation

€19 / day + VAT
€59 / month + VAT

Fixed Desk

€59 / week + VAT
€159 / month + VAT

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Microkatu 1, M-part, 70210 Kuopio
Tel. 046 870 4010

Viestikatu 7, 70600 Kuopio
Tel. 040 718 9415


Own workspace

For you or your company
customized own workspace

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Microkatu 1, K- ja L-parts, 70210 Kuopio
Tel. 046 870 4010

Viestikatu 3, 70600 Kuopio
Tel. 046 870 4011

CoWork Desk

  • A changeable workstation and possible equipment or a fixed desk
  • Inspiring CoWork spaces
  • Space for quiet working
  • WiFi
  • Free use of small phone boxes
  • Lockers for short-term storage of your stuff (limited quantity)
  • Kitchen facilities for storing your own snacks
  • The right to participate in Novapolis open events

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CoWork Office

  • Your own office designed for your company’s needs
  • Shared kitchen facilities and lounge
  • Use of a common meeting room in Microkatu’s Office
  • Unlimited use of CoWork facilities
  • Space for quiet working
  • Fast and functional Wi-Fi
  • Free use of small phone boxes
  • The right to participate in Novapolis open events

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Complement the experience with additional services

In addition to the CoWork space, you can purchase additional services. Check out the services below.


Our CoWork spaces can be found in Savilahti, Kuopio. The Microkatu campus is located opposite Prisma and the Viestikatu campus is closer to Kuopio University Hospital KYS.

Microkatu 1, M-part, 1st floor
70210 Kuopio

Viestikatu 7, 1st floor,
70600 Kuopio

CoWork Crew at your service

Karolina Puntanen

Karolina Puntanen

Service Director


0400 861 381

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Oona Utriainen

Oona Utriainen

Service Expert


040 624 5410

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Mirella Kemmo

Mirella Kemmo

Service Expert


040 678 2166

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Saija Kankkunen

Saija Kankkunen

Service Expert


040 088 2410

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Karoliina Ahonen

Karoliina Ahonen

Community Coordinator


050 400 0026

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Got questions about CoWork?

Below is a little more information about CoWork. You can also compare Desk and Office on their own comparison page.

Can I come and explore CoWork? Does it cost something and how can I book a tour?

When I come to CoWork for the first time after purchasing a pass, how should I proceed?

How do I get to the CoWork area? Do I need an access key?

What are CoWork's opening hours?

Does it cost to use a quiet workspace?

If I have a CoWork pass, do I have to use CoWork every weekday?


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