Restaurant services


Restaurant services

Our campuses have a total of eight different restaurants. The restaurants serve as versatile lunch restaurants, while also catering for our meeting rooms and customers in their own premises.

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Antell Tower

Microkatu J-section, 1st floor, operates in the Log in Bistro premises.

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Antell Log in Bistro

Microkatu J-section, 1st floor

The premises are temporarily served by Antell Tower

Antell Round

Microkatu A-section, 1st floor

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Hyvä Huomen Bioteknia

Neulamäentie 2, Kuopio

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King’s Crown Business Lunch

Viestikatu 1-3, 1st floor

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Restaurant Caari

Viestikatu 3, 1st floor

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Antell HighWay

Viestikatu 7 A, 1st floor

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Restaurant Pilotti

Kapteeninväylä 5, Toivala

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