Campus Services


Campus Services

Our versatile campus services make everyday working life easier for our customers. You can find out more about our services below.

Reception Service

Our reception service advises, guides, helps and serves.

Our service specialists receive meeting and business customers, make meeting reservations, process service requests, manage incoming and outgoing mail, and guide customers and visitors with practical issues and arrangements.

Access Control and Key Management

Access control and key management are an important part of the security of our buildings and the fluent movement of people.

Our reception service handles key orders and is responsible for our customers’ access control. Key pickup and return always takes place at our reception service points.

Property Maintenance

Valaisin roikkuu katosta, taustalla ihmisiä.

Our property maintenance services are responsible for the maintenance of our properties and for providing technical services. Our property maintenance services ensure our customers have functional and comfortable facilities and outdoor areas.

Our reception service handles service requests from our customers and instructs property maintenance to act.

Security and Camera Surveillance

Tumma hahmo kävelee parkkihallissa.

Safety in our buildings is enhanced by the security rounds carried out by our security guard firm partner, as well as camera surveillance.

Visibility and Networking Services

At Novapolis, you are not alone, but part of a community of thousands of experts. Our events and community facilities make it easy for you get to know others and make your business known to your neighbours.

Our new and outstanding CoWorking space will be completed at the turn of the year.

Our visibility service includes visibility on the stairway and lift signs of the property, and on our website.

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At our Novapolis events, people and ideas come together.

Network, listen to presentations of interesting topical topics, or organize your own event with the help of the Origo event producer.

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Partner Services

Padel maila ja pallot kentällä.

We want to make your every day as fluent and easy as possible with the help of our partners.

We have carefully chosen professional partners to provide you with high-quality services on competitive terms.

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Ask, comment or ask to be contacted. We are happy to tell you more about our services and are ready to help in everyday and unexpected situations.