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The management team of Novapolis is available for expert interviews.

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Silja Huhtiniemi, Debuty CEO
silja.huhtiniemi(at) or tel. +358 50 412 0559


This photo gallery offers images for Novapolis related communication and marketing both in print and online form. The name of the photographer or alternatively if the name of the photographer is not known, KPY Novapolis must me mentioned as a source for the image.

If you cannot find the image you are looking for or need a different version, please contact Ida Raja-aho, – puh. 040 707 2816

Novapolis kuvapankki

Silja Huhtiniemi

Novapolis Executive Team

CEO Anssi Lehikoinen

COO Seppo Eronen

CBO, Executive Vice President Silja Huhtiniemi

CFO Jani Kankkunen

Sales Director Jukka Turunen

General Counsel, Lawyer Teemu Pieviläinen