KPY Novapolis Viestikatu


KPY Novapolis Viestikatu

Our campus in Viestikatu

Our bright, modern Viestikatu Campus offers flexible solutions that adapt to a wide range of space needs for small and large businesses alike.

There are three different types of restaurants serving people in Viestikatu, barber and hairdresser, cosmetologist, masseuse, and a Padel court.

The modern “NovaOffice” community is being built for Viestikatu, with a cosy, shared lounge at its centre. NovaOffice offers customised space solutions from 10 square metres up to 300 square metres.

The premises of Viestikatu are located along good transport links and close to Kuopio University Hospital, the University of Eastern Finland and the town centre.

Viestikatu Campus is easily accessible by car, bicycle, on foot, or using public transport. Parking spaces for business customers and visitors are available in the parking hall and outside.

How to get to Viestikatu

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KPY Novapolis Viestikatu 1

Viestikatu 1, 70600 Kuopio
+358 40 176 3340
Reception service open on weekdays 8-14
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KPY Novapolis Viestikatu 3

Viestikatu 3, 70600 Kuopio
+358 46 870 4011
Reception service open on weekdays 8-16
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KPY Novapolis Viestikatu 7

Viestikatu 7, 70600 Kuopio
+358 40 718 9415
Reception service open on weekdays 8-16
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Available premises at Viestikatu

Whether you are looking for a smaller office or a sumptuous head office, you will find a flexible space solution that suits you the best.
We have a wide range of spaces that may not all be visible in the search for vacant premises, or then some space is just about to become vacant.

Our sales team will be happy to tell you more and look for the right space solution for you.

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Visitor parking is located in the grounds of buildings and on the first floor of the P building of Viestikatu. Visitor parking spaces are marked with traffic signs. After parking the car, please remember to pay at the ticket automat. The price for one hour of parking is €2. Make sure you place the ticket in a visible place on the inside of the windscreen. Mobile applications Easypark and ParkMan also work in this area.

A daily car parking ticket price is €6. From April 1, the price for daily parking rises to €9. A daily car parking ticket can be purchased via ticket automat, Easypark or ParkMan mobile applications or from our reception service.

For brief visits, we offer 15 minutes of free parking. In this case, the ticket should also be taken from the automat (no charge, press green button) and the ticket must be placed in a visible place on the inside of the windscreen.

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