Our Staff

Our office address is Viestikatu 7 A, 70600 Kuopio. Email us using the format


Take a closer look at our management group here.

Anssi Lehikoinen

CEO, Managing Director
Tel. +358 50 328 2648 Anssi Lehikoinen


Jukka Turunen

VP, Sales Director
Tel. +358 40 196 0720 Jukka Turunen

Henri Kuronen

Customer Manager
Tel. +358 44 033 1293 Henri Kuronen

Veli-Pekka Ronkainen

Customer Manager
Tel. +358 40 128 2818

Property and Property Services

Seppo Eronen

COO, Operative Director
Tel. +358 40 829 0816 Seppo Eronen

Jani Arvilommi

Property Manager
Tel. +358 44 2450 669 Jani Arvilommi

Juha Miettinen

Data and Security Coordinator
Tel. +358 50 512 1341 Juha Miettinen

Kaisa Korhonen

Finance and Sales Coordinator
Is on maternity leaveKaisa Korhonen

Community and Services

Silja Huhtiniemi

Executive Vice President
Tel. +358 50 412 0559 Silja Huhtiniemi

Taina Pihlman

Customer Experience Manager
Tel. +358 40 865 4506 Taina Pihlman

Laura Seppänen

Customer Experience Coordinator, Team Leader
Tel. +358 50 913 5261 Laura Seppänen

Karolina Puntanen

Community Manager
Tel. +358 400 861 381
Karolina Huuhtanen

Karoliina Ahonen

Community Coordinator
Tel. +358 50 400 0026 Karoliina Ahonen

Saija Kankkunen

Service Expert
Tel. +358 40 088 2410Saija Kankkunen

Ida Raja-aho

Marketing and Event Coordinator
Tel. +358 40 707 2816 Ida Raja-aho

Heta Vainikainen

HR Manager
Tel. +358 50 444 7554 Heta Vainikainen


Jani Kankkunen

Tel. +358 50 313 9844 Jani Kankkunen

Henri Rautiainen

Assistant Controller
Tel. +358 40 679 6078 Henri Rautiainen

Johanna Raappana

Assistant Controller
Is on maternity leave Johanna Raappana

Legal matters

Teemu Pieviläinen

Tel. +358 44 564 9255 Teemu Pieviläinen

Reception Service

Our reception service experts will be happy to help you with any issues you may be interested in. Reception service e-mail:  More detailed, campus-specific contact information for lobby services can be found here.

Joni Heikkinen

Service Expert Joni Heikkinen

Mirella Kemmo

Service Expert Mirella Kemmo

Katja Kiiski

Service Expert 

Essi Kukkamäki

Service Expert Essi Kukkamäki

Nina Martikainen

Service Expert Nina Martikainen

Päivi Martiskainen

Service Expert Päivi Martiskainen

Emma Miettinen

Service Expert Emma Miettinen

Hanna Miettinen

Service Expert Hanna Miettinen

Jaana Mustonen

Service Expert Jaana Mustonen

Mea Nguyen

Service Expert Mea Nguyen

Nea Pohjolainen

Service Expert Nea Pohjolanen

Stiina Takala

Palveluasiantuntija Stiina Takala

Ronja Törrönen

Service Expert Ronja Törrönen

Veera Vanhala

Service Expert Veera Vanhala

Zeineb Väätäinen

Service Expert Zeineb Väätäinen