Visibility and Networking Services


Visibility and Networking Services

At Novapolis, you are not alone, but part of a community of thousands of experts. Our events and community facilities make it easy for you get to know others and make your business known to your neighbours. Our new and outstanding CoWorking space will be completed at the turn of the year.

Visibility services are also available for your business. Using our CampusMedia you will reach everyone at Novapolis.

To us, it is our honourable duty to organize introductions between our clients, just ask for our help!

Novapolis Happening

Our regular Novapolis Happening events provide interesting and topical addresses and a convenient networking platform for our Novapolis community.

Our Novapolis Happening events include e.g. Novapolis Aamu breakfast events, where in addition to breakfast there is an interesting speaker and keynote, the bigger KickOff events at CoWork in Autumn and Sprng and various smaller/individual events.

It’s worth signing up!

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Sports and clubs

We organize Novapolis Sport Club activity try out days for a wide range of activities. Join us to find the activity that appeals the most to you. It can be once a year, or perhaps ten.

Novapolis Afternoon Club offers joy in experimental spirit with various topics and themes. The idea is to try new things on a low threshold with a nice group of people. Each club is held by someone nice and dedicated character, who knows the subject and theme of the day.

Novapolis kerhot


CampusMedia comprises screens in reception areas and elevators. Our new customers always get a week of visibility on the week of the move!

Also book your own promotions for a great Novapolis community customer price.

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Please contact:
Niko Ruuskanen / / +358 50 501 0364
or Eino Liinamaa / / +358 400 149 480

Kampusmedia aulatilassa.

Your company’s promotional day

Brainstorm a promotional day for your business and showcase your products and services in our reception area and reach people live.

Please contact or tel. +358 400 861 381

Contact Us

Ask, comment or ask to be contacted. We are happy to tell you more about our services and are ready to help in everyday and unexpected situations.