KPY Novapolis Lentokapteeni


KPY Novapolis Lentokapteeni

Our Lentokapteeni campus area

Lentokapteeni provides flexible and modern office solutions for businesses that value good logistic connections. The premises are located in Toivala, 13 kilometres north of Kuopio and the town centre of Kuopio is only a 15-minute drive away.

The surrounding area is a versatile and evolving business area, with major energy companies, Kuopio Airport and the Karelian Air Force.

The cosy and popular Pilotti restaurant offers a wide range of lunch, cafeteria and catering services.
Representative conference facilities and services are also available for hire.

Solar power

In June 2018, part of the outer walls of the south and west sides of Lentokapteeni got a new look. The metal gratings that previously adorned the wall were replaced with 180 solar panels that produce solar power. In this way, the property was provided with its own solar power plant with an output of approximately 40 kWp, the electricity from which is used entirely for the property’s own needs.

The annual capability of Lentokapteeni’s solar power plant is 40,000 kilowatt hours, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 40 apartment buildings.

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Savon Voima customer service
tel. +358 (0)17 224 400

Voimatel Oy
tel. +358 44 793 9709

How to get to Lentokapteeni

KPY Novapolis Lentokapteeni

Kapteeninväylä 5, 70900 Toivala
+358 44 752 0844
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Visitor parking is in located in the building’s parking area close to the main entrance.

Visitor parking at Lentokapteeni is free of charge.

Party and catering services

Do you enjoy planning a party for your friends, family, family, co-workers, partners? Or is the mere thought a horror? Don’t you have enough time to throw a party? We will carry out your wildest ideas – or come up with ideas and implement for you to have a party of a lifetime, where you can just focus on enjoying the company of your guests.

Our cozy Pilotti restaurant has 100 seats.

We also offer a wide range of catering services for parties, meetings, seminars and other events.

Contact us via email or call +358 17 262 1130 or +358 40 570 7114.


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